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O Fortuna, Magitek City of Crossroads


Fortuna: the city of wealth and promise, of arcane secrets and technical expertise. Individuals from around the world come here to refine their magic, seek a small fortune in gold, or hone their trade under the watch of the city’s guilds. Fortuna has something for everyone, and does not discriminate on race, social class, or creed. From gambling halls, to the university for magical studies, to the luxury ocean liners of its port, there are countless venues for any visitor.
Governed under exclusive royal mandate by The Guild for Arcane Research and Control, there is no safer place in all Aerugo. Despite its several (openly acknowledged) black markets and underground organizations, Fortuna is unquestionably the southern continent’s most advanced city. Between the ARC, city guard, and the city’s two other adventuring guilds, The Aulic Coalition and The Order of the Balance, there is nowhere more well policed.

The Laws For Magic Use

The Sundering

The Nine

The ten gods that previously ruled and looked after the realm. Though they numbered ten they were still referred to as The Nine because Adrann rose to godhood later than the rest


Current Deities

Currently people are able to enter into divine pacts with angels, devils, demons, elemental lords, demigods, and other beings of great power. The pact they enter is similar to an eldritch pact a warlock makes with his patron but more free; either party can terminate the contract at anytime if they choose.

Elemental Lords

In addition to the aforementioned, many people have joined a group called The Church of Steam. New to Fortuna they have only recently made a name for themselves in the city and are growing their numbers rapidly. They make many promises to their patrons in exchange for worship to their god.

Main Page

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