Mynare — The god of the seven mortal sins (greed, lust, boastful pride, gluttony, envy, wrath, and sloth) was constantly seeking to overthrow his brother Umear and take over as the head of the pantheon.

“What they term arrogance, I know to be respect for my own abilities. What they term sloth, I know to be the rest I have well earned. What they term wrath, I know to be justice upon my enemies. Their ‘morals’, unequally applied and meant to shame the strong for their strength, must be cast off. We must see beyond the veil of false virtue which accursed Umear casts over the world. Revel in what you can take, for it is truly deserved.” – Great Debaucher Pylos of Torun.

“The unfortunate fact of the matter is, that in some scholarly circles, the worship of Mynare has become tolerated and even justified—this cannot stand. The black sheep of the Nine is wholly unworthy of any veneration. No amount of theological poppycock will adjust the administration’s opinion on this matter, and those members of the faculty who have engaged in unwholesome or violent activities as a form of worship will be rooted out and punished accordingly.” – Tybald Hake, Dean of Arts and Sciences at Celein University


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