The Adrannar

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Constitution, +2 to one ability score of choice to represent their varied nature, -2 Charisma
  • Type: Adrannar are humanoids with the living construct subtype.
  • Size:Medium Size or Small Size. Once chosen, this size cannot be changed.
    • Those that choose to be Small Size get the standard +1 size bonus to hit and armor class and -1 penalty to CMB and CMD.
    • Those that choose to be Medium Size do not get any size bonuses or penalties.
  • Base Speed: 30 feet for both medium and small
  • Languages: Common. Bonus Languages: Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Gnome, Halfling and Orc
  • Living Construct Metabolism: Adrannar are immune to necromancy effects and regain only half the normal hit points from magical healing, unless they affect constructs (such as the make whole spell) or originate from the Adrannar itself. The Adrannar still gains full benefit from fast healing.
  • Light Fortification:Whenever a sneak attack or critical hit is scored against an Adrannar, there is a 25% chance that the extra damage is negated and damage is rolled normally.
  • Natural Plating: Adrannar have a metal plating that provides them with a +2 natural armor bonus to AC. Adrannar can still wear normal armor as can other races, however this plating also counts as metal for the purposes of a druid’s armor limitation. Adrannar can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect objects made from metal, stone and wood.
  • Natural Weapons: Adrannar have a slam attack that deals 1d4 points of damage.

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Bonus Feat: Adrannar select one extra feat at 1st level
  • Focused training: Adrannar gain one skill of their choice as a class skill.

Alternate Racial Traits

  • Adamantine Plating: The composite plating of the Adrannar was made with adamantine, granting you a +2 natural armor bonus and damage reduction of 1 / -, as well as making your slam attack, or any other natural weapons you possess, count as adamantine, in addition with other material types. However, you are always considered to be wearing metal armor and your base movement is reduced to 20’. This damage reduction does not stack with other sources of damage reduction, except with the Improved Damage Reduction Feat. Adrannar with this alternate racial ability weigh eight times as much as a normal warforged for their size and can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect metal, stone and wood. This racial trait replaces the normal movement rate and natural plating
  • Darkwood Plating: The Adrannar still has a +2 natural armor bonus to AC and their plating is made of darkwood, which satisfies the metal requirement for druids. Adrannar with this alternate racial ability can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect stone and wood, but not metal. Only Craft: Woodworking can be used to repair Adrannar with this alternate racial trait. This racial trait replaces natural plating.
  • Body Double: Rather than combat, the Adrannar was created to resemble a specific creature of the same size category. He gains a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to impersonate that creature. If the Adrannar has Plating he appears to be wearing normal armor, though it cannot be removed. Some Adrannar of this type are capable of sleeping, though they do not require it. This ability replaces Light Fortification.
  • Integrated Weapon: One of the Adrannar’s hands is replaced by a weapon, which cannot be disarmed or sundered. He is automatically proficient with this weapon; if he was already proficient then he gains Weapon Focus as a bonus feat for weapons of this type, but only gains its benefits while wielding that specific weapon. If the integrated weapon is a two-handed weapon, he must still use his second hand to help wield it. If it is a throwing weapon then he may detach and reattach the limb freely, and it can be sundered while separate. If it is a double weapon then both of the Adrannar’s hands are replaced. Unlike his plating, the Adrannar must purchase this weapon normally at 1st level. This ability replaces Natural Weapons.
  • Jaws of Death: The Adrannar has a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage and has a critical threat range of 20/x3. This ability replaces Natural Weapons.
  • Advanced Model:The Adrannar does not take a racial penalty to Charisma, but takes a -1 penalty to AC. This ability replaces Focused Training.
  • Second Slam: The Adrannar gains two slam attacks rather than one. This ability replaces Light Fortification and Natural Weapons.
  • Scout Model: Small only. The Adrannar gains a +2 bonus to one of Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Perception, Swim, or Stealth. This ability replaces Focused Training.
  • Trained Fist: The Adrannar gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. If he already possesses that feat his unarmed strike deals damage as if he were one size category larger, as with the Improved Natural Attack feat. This ability replaces Natural Weapons.

The Adrannar

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